May broad beans and artichokes

araucana chicks
The new Araucana chicks are born
7 June 2016

May broad beans and artichokes

broad beans and artichokes

At this time our garden is full of broad beans and artichokes.
It’s better to consume the beans fresh.
Beans are anti-cholesterol and contain vitamins, especially C and many of B group, vitamin A and E, and minerals; good presence of iron, accompanied by potassium, phosphorus, calcium, sodium, magnesium, copper, selenium. On the tables of the ancient Romans they never failed. As often happens, I can not pick them up on time and if on the skin appears a reddish color, they are no longer good to eat fresh, but they become very suitable for creams and soups. Of course some vitamins get lost, but the calories intake is higher and proteins are considerable. In the end, we don’t throw anything away from the garden.
Here’s how I cook the Broad bean soup:
Fry onion and shallots in olive oil, then toss the beans (attention here is the trick previously boiled and deprived of their skins) considered 1 onion for 1 kg of beans, you can add a tomato and other odors and if you want even the rice!
Here’s how I cook the Beans Cream:
blanch until the skin is off from the beans, and boil in a blender and form a soft cream, you can serve it on toasted bread rubbed with garlic, or flavor it with mint thyme and red pepper.
Stay tuned for the next recipe, artichokes and broad beans as a pasta sauce, the artichoke lasagna and the legendary recipe of artichokes in oil.

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