At the Aia delle Oche, our yards' animals are all free range...

Passionate about animals...

Me, Patrizia, who will be also the cook, I love animals. I am a teacher of zootechnics at the Professional School of Agriculture in Siena. That's how I started to breed chickens, geese, and other farm animals and developed my passion.
We have different chicken breeds: the Marans which lay dark brown eggs, like chocolate; the Araucanas, Chilean chickens which lay blue eggs.
Then of course our italian breeds: Ancona, Livorno, Valdarno and the legendary small Mugellesi. Our Toulouse Geese lay enormous eggs only during the spring, which are really great to make Tagliatelle. All our animals are free range and my Crepes (salty and sweet) are made with “real” eggs, fantastic! Last but not least there is Trilli... our sweetest dog, perfect to play with and addicted to cuddles.

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