We add expertise to passion

A family-run Farm

We intensely love our land and find it wonderful to produce our food! But this farmyard doesn't have to be just a place to eat, but also a place where people can meet, converse and appreciate the beauty of this land. Where people from all places: italians, french, english, germans... can eat, drink and laugh together. The Menu is simple, mainly made up of vegetables, which changes everyday depending on the cook and on what the vegetable garden offers: tomatoes, peppers, radicchio and different types of salads, savory pies and crepes, all with unpretentious prices. It’s not a restaurant, it's a farmyard, so let's relax!
Lorenzo, organic farmer, is also an agronomist and enologist. Before becoming a full-time farmer he has worked for the FIAT Trattori as product manager and was busy mainly with agricultural mechanization. Our three children are Diego, 32 years old, biotechnologist and farmer in his spare time, Martina, 26 years old, constantly travelling the world and Caterina, 19 years old, still young and still studying.

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