The new Araucana chicks are born

broad beans and artichokes
May broad beans and artichokes
20 April 2016

The new Araucana chicks are born

araucana chicks

The little Araucana chicks are born! One of them also has the favorites: typical feathered mustache of this kind of chickens without tail, originating in Chile, where they are bred for their eggs. They are funny chickens without tail that make the blue eggs with pastel light blue shell.
Last but not least, quail’s eggs arrived, I bought them on May 28th during the Wine Fair Day in the Technical Agrarian Institute of Siena, because I’m curious for the eggs.
It is said that the quail eggs can be used as those of hens, but they are more delicate and contains less cholesterol.
I’m anxious to experiment new recipes with quail eggs… stay in touch!



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