A reality built with love, a piece at a time...

The taste of shared work...

The farm is certified organic ICEA since 1998, we cultivate organic Chianti grapes and olives.
The grape harvest in September is a celebration between friends and the harvest is a magical moment. The olive harvest is also fascinating. We pick the olives while enjoying the last rays of sun before winter, with the wind caressing our skin and the inebriating aroma of the olives. Pure gold!
Our little home (we call it “casetta”) has been an achievement. It was a stable and we renovated it following the principles of permaculture: we collect rainwater from the roof and use it for the bathrooms and to water the plants; we heat the house and the water with solar energy and with wood during the winter.
Furthermore the small house is cladded with cork which protects it from extreme temperatures.
Every year we welcome Wwoofers from all over the world to work with us and keep us company. (

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